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August 23, 2011 Leave a comment

A concubine is generally a woman in an ongoing, marriage-like relationship with a man whom she cannot marry for a specific reason. It may be because she is of lower social rank than the man (including slave status) or because the man is already married. Generally, only men of high economic and social status have concubines. Many historical rulers maintained concubines as well as wives.

Do you find yourself in a similar situation for the “convenience”?

Can this actually work in modern-day society? Of course! Due to high levels of  jadedness (is that a word?) there is a percentage of woman who specifically aim to become the “modern concubine”! Why would they want to do that!? Woman who have lost their feelings along the way and have no intent to advance  in the relationship, this is more  feasible for them.

Can this backfire?Well, it may appear to be convenient until you begin to become emotionally attached , as it is in a woman’s nature to do so. It usually  goes from foolish love  to empty nights  and  before you know it  you are demanding  the “top spot” from a man who has a  designated position for you. Unfortunately ,for you there is no elevating without chaos and destruction.A married man will remain a married man before,during and after you have had passionate “sex-slave” love with him.

Benefits without commitment is the law that they live by, most can be compensated with monetary gifts and ego showers.Though it is believed that no commitments are being made(myth) in all actuality there are many! Commitment-Act of pledging or promising or the state of being so committed

  • committing to silence
  • committing to flexibility
  • committing adultery
  • committing to deceive

Can this kind of relationship last? Of course! This can go on for years ,  as long as you would like to commit to it!