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NAE B.       singer/songwriter (@naekeitt)

R&B Singer/Songwriter Shanaia a.k.a. Naia loves to perform and write songs. This young artist enjoys touching people’s lives with her lyrics as well as her voice… An American born lady, Naia was born in Colorado Springs, Colorado, but was raised in New York since the age of six months. Her stage presence began at the age of five when she started taking dance lessons with Bunnie Madden Dance Group. Her shining voice developed at the same time, but due to shyness, it was only enjoyed by her family. Under the umbrella of Big League Entertainments Promoter Mike Green, Naia’s career blossomed and her desires were being fulfilled by opening up for Mase at Nassau Coliseum, Singing the hook for NY to LA by Kliff & Lo which also featured the well known west coast rapper WC; also by singing at Celebrity Basketball games, performing at Long Island Open Mic events and by performing at the Long Island hot spot, “intrigue”. A Short time after that, Naia began taking her song writing more serious and started co writing with Brandon Greene who helped her lay the lyrics to over 30 songs.  Naia has managed to create her Demo, professionally copywright all her songs, develop her DVD Press Kit, feature on various mix tapes, perform in various major cities, and much more. Naia is driven to be a writer/performer. Her passion to create music that touches lives makes her unique. From her backup hooks to her daring leads she strives to leave you remembering her sound. God created Love; Love created Naia, and Naia will embrace the world with Love, Singing, and every bit of her soul. Nae B. is currently working on her debut album stay tuned! http://www.myspace.com/mymanismymusic

PREVIOUS RELEASES: Sumthin New (2007)

SHEA’ “THE DOLL” LIZETTE     singer/songwriter/model(@sheathedoll)

was born and raised in Long Island,ny. Shea’ began singing and dancing at a very young for the legendary “Miss Bunny” at the “Ace Center” in Amityville,New York. In addition to being a lead vocalist in her church choir shea’ also played the drums for the choir and Sunday services. When shea’ reached the age of 14 she was not only a drummer but a member of the elite jazz band as a trumpet player. Shea’ was also athletic participating in basketball and gymnastic, Shea’ was also captain of her cheer leading team. While attending high school Shea’ was introduced to Drew Spence (producer’s edge magazine) at the age of 17. Drew would be the first person to record Shea’ and teach her the technical and business side of music the industry. Drew constantly encouraged writing and recording, he even taught Shea’ how to record her own sessions. The devastation of shea’ loosing her aunt to cancer brought out even more emotion and determination. The name “doll” was given to shea’ by her aunt and incorporated in remembrance . Eventual Shea’ would begin to collaborate with artists from all over the United States and even over seas. Shea has released mixtapes and singles that can be found on Itunes and datpiff.com. Shea is currently finishing her anticipated debut album entitled “Day Break” and will be released in the spring of 2012.  www.reverbnation.com/sheathedoll

PREVIOUS RELEASES: CANDLES & HEELS (2010) click to download


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